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Spaces can ni-hsdio placed between bits for readability. Its online documentation can be found here zone.

NiHSDIO Configure Voltage VI

The other important configuration for the acquisition session is the number of samples to acquire. It can be found in the Acquisition section. This doc ument applies specif ically to ni-hsdio. For more information abo ut featur es and programming, refer to the. Refer to the ni-hsdio icati ons docum ent that ships with your de vice for detailed.

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The most recent versions of pr ni-hsdio documentation are av ailable at. V isit ni. Verifying the System Com ni-hsdio Verifying the Kit Contents Installing t he Software Installing t he Hardware Installing a PXI Module Installing a PCI Device.

Configuring and Test ing in MAX Connecting Signals Connecting Cables and Accessories Clocking Sources There are three main clocking source options available to use: Sample Clock, Reference Clock, Static Timing The Sample Clock is used to ni-hsdio the rate at which samples are generated or acquired. Events A vital piece of the synchronization puzzle is when to begin a generation or acquisition task on each of the synchronized devices. Back to Top 3.

It is not possible to vary ni-hsdio frequencies with only the single clocking ni-hsdio on the board. The following is a block diagram of the which shows a high level overview of the hardware architecture that is common to most HSDIO boards This diagram will vary based on product family.


Also note the Ni-hsdio block, ni-hsdio sources a clock to each timing engine:. Select the dynamic channel to fill in the legend.

NI-HSDIO 18.0 Readme

I am the ni-hsdio of 16 channels each channel has their own name, when I double click on the graph, the populous select. If I select the first channel 5 or last name 5 channels or channel. I am facing the problem, when I select the way to any list of channels his does not display does not name, the same method that I did with labview 7. If the index covered by index out is not in the name of then an empty string will be ni-hsdio. Dynamic channels. I need to extract string to variables as values below.


However, ni-hsdio a script is loaded, and then a waveform is modified overwritten, deleted and then ni-hsdio with same namethe HSDIO card may or may not generate the correct waveform and never throws an error. Place two of these VIs onto the block diagram and wire the instrument handles of each session into each one. Then wire the error output of the fetch VI into the error input of one of close VIs and the error output of it into the input of the other.

NI-HSDIO Tutorial - UVA ECE & BME wiki

This competes the block diagram for ni-hsdio VI, which should look like this:. When the VI is executed, the graph will update to show the acquired data. This section is intended to provide common tips and tricks for getting your synchronization of your HSDIO timing engines to work correctly. Once this is done, connect the board to the DUT and readjust the connections to test and see if synchronization is successful in your actual application.


When this occurs, ni-hsdio suggestions are:. If you choose to uninstall the shared software, some of your other NI software may no longer function correctly. You can access the software and documentation known issues list online.

For this tutorial, both sessions will have all the same channels. Place two of these VIs onto the block diagram and wire the instrument handle and error outputs of each of the session initialization VIs into one of the new channel configuration VIs.Results ni-hsdio - 20 of 29 Access download and support information for NI-HSDIO. NI-HSDIO provides support for customers using NI digital waveform generators/ analyzers.

To program NI Digital Waveform.

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