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Standard gps devices cannot be used directly with these units via USB. Sony and Palm USB units also have a built in serial kirrio gps in the connector. Handspring does have a serial sync adapter that some have adapted to hook to a gps.


Unfortunately the adapter taps power from the serial port on the pc kirrio gps cannot be used directly with the visor. You would need to design your own power supply or battery connection to kirrio gps this work. Handspring modification - I have not tried the following steps myself and cannot guarantee they will work.

This may void your warranty so proceed at your own risk. You need a source of power from about 5 Volts to 12 volts. There is a isolation diode and a 3. You need to include a series resistor of at least ohms and perhaps as high kirrio gps depending on the source voltage to limit the current. One choice is to just use a 9V battery.


Whatever your choice you need to wire the negative lead to pin 5 of the DE9 connector and positive through the series resistor to pin 7, the RTS line. Of course you still need data, 3 to 2 and 2 to 3, and a kirrio gps ground also on pin 5. This information is from Curtis Mills. He made a 9 pin to 9pin adapter cable for his unit, combining gender changes, null modem, and power source.

He taped a 9V battery to the cable. Thanks for the information, Curtis.

Kirrio Palm GPS navigation bundle review

Check the discussion of this topic on Kirrio gps. The serial data itself is directly available from the HandSpring unit.

It is not the kirrio gps polarity and only has a 3V swing but some have had success wiring it directly to gps units. I really didn't believe this so I did the same test the next day, and the next and the next. The result was that the battery life averaged a tad over 11 and a half hours throughout 12 tests. I just wish that the PDA battery life was that impressive.

So that is the kirrio gps lab environment. What is it like in the field? Well on all but one occasion the battery outlasted me and my excursions for a day. On the one occasion it failed I had accidentally switched the unit on when putting kirrio gps into my storage bag.

GPS Cradle Upgrade To Bluetooth

I was out for a long day that day and the battery drained. Post by Newshound all that matters is that the system knows where you want to get to. Sorry that it is impossible to provide support on a particular hardware model. If it's a wooden building, you might receive a few satellites, but the metallic backing on common fiberglass insulation will stop the signals. SGosnellDec 30, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 7 Trophy Points: If you dont understand what the purpose of the app, please kirrio gps dl. Major stakeholders such as Palm and HP have adopted the Kirrio technology and products, before it was acquired by Michelin Group in HP Recommended.

HP, ViaMichelin, Kirrio in GPS navigation tie-up

Post by Newshound all that matters is that the system knows where you want to get to. The mounting system is very flexible and over four weeks of testing performed well. The GPS devices chosen for the configuration perform exceptionally well in a variety of circumstances. The Mapsonic software, although limited in certain areas works well. I am a bit concerned about the currency of the map data, and also about the contrast of the displayed maps. Since this review Mapsonic have release a further update to the application. This includes a 3D screen, night screens, and new icons which allow you to use kirrio gps finger to activate them.

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Mapsonic provides point to point street routing from source to destination of anywhere covered by your loaded maps. The map data is provided by Kirrio gps and varies in detail between the countries. For instance the UK has pretty much full coverage whereas Ireland has full coverage of some major towns and cities, but major road thereafter. Examples are Dublin, Limerick and Galway have street level coverage compared to Shannon which is isolated from the road kirrio gps.

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The currency of the map data supplied appeared somewhat out of date.PocketGPS: Click here for the review of the Kirrio Palm GPS Navigation package. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Kirrio/ViaMichelin Bluetooth GPS Kit v kirrio gps Convert Your PDA into a Kirrio gps Nav at Amazon UK.

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