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I see more and more of these acer laptops. Now that they bought Gateway I'm sure we'll be seeing even more. I really like Acer and think they give you excellent quality and value for the money. I had a customers hard drive go bad exper m622-ucx notebook an Acer we sold and they overnighted him a new one.


We also had a lcd that went bad and had a new one in our hands within two weeks. With the company AOC exper m622-ucx notebook took two months. The laptop came in with no dc jack still attached. The center pin was rattling around the laptop and it wouldn't power on. Not a good sign. Tearing down the laptop was pretty easy and not a lot of time and screws were involved which isn't a bad thing. It almost reminds me of the Inspiron because of the fairly easy to take apart design. When I got down to the jack the pins were still attached but the center pin had been completely ripped out. Probably one that some tripped over the cord. The solder came off nicely and the new jack went on great.

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  • That's not you, right" pin on the center of the exper m622-ucx notebook adapter tip to designate what type of adapter it is.


    When you go into bios it will say 90 watt PA65 watt PA exper m622-ucx notebook so on. Sometimes the data pin goes bad and when that happens it won't charge the laptop but will power it. The bios will say exper m622-ucx notebook ac adater. When the laptop was torn down it had the two back voltage pins that were slightly burnt keeping the laptop from charging without a wiggle. The jack, as always, was replaced with a brand new foxconn jack and the laptop charges fine again. HP ZE This model is identical to the compaq series of laptops. It uses the 2. I wasn't able to get any of the normal diagnostics to work wiggle, and adapter tested fine.

    Once the laptop was torn down the jack had the classic exper m622-ucx notebook pin that was keeping the laptop from charging properly. Compaq does an equally poor solder job as any other and is pretty easy to de-solder.

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    I always worry a but when the laptop doesn't power on in my presence but replacing the jack did the trick. ZX HP. Whenever I get a laptop Exper m622-ucx notebook check the ac adapter with a volt meter. If it shows proper voltage I try to wiggle the adapter when it's plugged to see if I can exper m622-ucx notebook the laptop power on or charge.

    Doing this over a long period of time can damage the laptop but necessary for proper diagnostics. I always like to see the laptop power on before I begin. The hp zx is the same as the Compaq R and ZV A smaller core exper m622-ucx notebook and how to make a truck louder mass leads to stronger gravitational forces?

    Batteries for Gateway m255 m360 m360x m460 m600 m622-ucx m6410 m6455 m680 m685

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