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A lot of mail today. Partion Magic. I take it this is not true. Ca810e video there you install Win98SE onto drive C. This correct?


But I am curious :. Had to open window to full width xmode so as to avoid the scroll buttons.


Assume system memory is being used and internal AGP only no slot. With the embedded Ca810e video, presume its unsuitable for software DVD playback may not matter now but who knows. Are they just making it now for onboard video for the business market? Bruce bdenman ftc-i. When you install either Windows NT or Windows and it see that Windows 9X is already installed, Setup ca810e video creates a multi-boot menu.

Intel CA810E Manuals

Windows NT 4 does not natively support FAT32, and needs to install its boot loader and other startup files on the C: volume. The system technically boots under the Windows Ca810e video boot loader, which then passes control to either Windows NT or Windows 98, depending on which menu choice you select. If you then install Windowsa similar process occurs. When you restart the system, you see the same OS choice menu, but this time it offers all three OSs. The system at that point is actually booting under the Windows boot loader, which then passes control to WindowsWindows NT, or Windows 98 depending on the menu choice you select.

One caveat. Installing Windows makes some ca810e video modifications to the disk structure. Windows NT and Windows 98 continue to boot and run properly, but some low-level disk utilities like Diskeeper refuse to touch the modified NT4 disk volume.

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As far as the other stuff: - Sorry about the wide screen. I'm working at X now, and tend to forget that bad things can happen to those running X or even X I've cut the font size and table ca810e video so that it displays without a scroll bar at X Malcolm is doing well. Incredibly well, actually, for a 15 week old puppy. He's into everything, and ca810e video house looks like an obstacle course, with baby gates all over the place.

Passwoed checked. About to do programming before setup. Programming before setup complete. Returned from CMOS setup program and screen is cleared.

About to do programming after setup. Programming after setup complete. Going to display power-on screen message. First screen message displayed. Setup options programming ca810e video CMOS setup about to start. Going to hard disk controller reset. A ll rights reserved. Close Window. Static electricity, which you pick up and dissipate pretty much every time you move or touch something, can destroy the more sensitive electronics in various computer components. The crackling you get when you stroke a cat on a dry day is thousands and thousands of volts of static the current is so vanishingly low that there's no danger to you at all, unless the sparking startles the cat You won't feel a volt discharge ca810e video all.

Realistically, it's pretty unlikely that you'll destroy any ca810e video of your new computer with static electricity. You're much more likely to drop them or overtighten something or bend connector pins.Graphics Driver [WinEXE] for Intel® Desktop Ca810e video CAE. Video driver version for Intel® Desktop Board CAE.

Drivers, Ca810e video *, Intel Desktop Board CAE - motherboard - micro ATX - Socket - iE shared video memory (UMA) audio, display / video, gameport / MIDI, storage.

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