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Printing Technology. Printing Output Type. When the carriage cover is closed, the sensor light is cut off by the canon w7250 arm, and this notifies the sensor that the carriage cover is closed. Carriage homeposition sensor The photo interrupter-based carriage homeposition sensor detects the home position of the carriage. The sensor, located on the right-side plate, detects the carriage homeposition edge on the carriage unit during carriage traveling.

The carriage homeposition is defined based on the location where the edge is detected. Linear encoder The linear encoder, installed on the rear of the carriage, detects the position of the carriage using the slits on the linear scale while the carriage is moving. Environment temperature sensor The environment temperature sensor thermistor installed on the head relay PCB detects the environment temperature in the vicinity of the carriage. The resistance measured by the thermistor, which varies as the temperature inside the printer changes, is sent to the engine controller after passing through the carriage relay PCB. Canon w7250 environment temperature is used to calibrate the head temperature sensor and to detect abnormal internal printer temperatures. Head temperature sensor A set of two canon w7250 head temperature sensors are installed at the top and bottom of the nozzle arrays of printhead to detect the temperature of the printhead.

The voltage produced by each diode, which varies as the temperature near the nozzle array changes, is sent to the engine controller after passing through the carriage relay PCB. The head temperature information is used to control the operation of the head and to detect abnormal head temperatures.


Printhead contact detection The status of direct contact between the contact faces of the printhead and the carriage is checked by testing the electrical conductivity. Roll media set sensor The photo interrupter-based canon w7250 media set sensor detects the opening and closing of the paper holder by the paper release lever. When the paper holder is closed and the roll media tray is closed, the sensor light is transmitted through the sensor arm, and this notifies the sensor that the paper holder is closed. Roll media end sensor The photo interrupter-based roll media end sensor detects the feed of paper from the roll media tray.

The sensor light is blocked by the sensor arm when the paper is fed, and this notifies the sensor that paper is available in the tray. Roll feed sensor The photo interrrupter-based roll feed sensor detects the slit of the rotary flag that turns as the roll media is fed. If the feed of roll media cannot be detected when the feeding operation is being performed, canon w7250 printer determines that a media feeding error has occurred.


Feed sensor The photo reflection-based canon w7250 sensor detects if paper is on the platen. The sensor detects the presence of paper by receiving the sensor light reflected from the paper. Maintenance 1. Servicing Tools 2. Applying the Grease 4. Service Parts 4.

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Troubleshooting 7. Connector Positions and Pin Arrangement 8. Controller 8.

Inserting and removing the spring parts Inserting and removing hexagonal screws Assisting in the manual capping procedure Troubleshooting Applying grease Wiping off ink Preventing ink stains For upgrading the firmware version. Smear the grease lightly and evenly with a flat brush. See Canon w7250 5: 5.

Don't apply the grease to locations other than those designated. Unwanted grease may cause poor print quality, take particular care canon w7250 grease does not get onto the wiper, cap, or the linear scale. Pay careful attention to all individually packaged service part carriage unit, purge unit, ink tank unit, and other parts boxes marked "This side up" and handle appropriately.

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The parts layout illustrations have figure numbers according to the disassembly procedure of the product. The W printer has 66 of these red screws, and the W has 60 red screws. The carriage is moved by holding down the left arrow button on the operation panel for at least 0. However, when the power is turned off such as during assembly or disassembly, move the carriage by holding the grips shown in the figure below. Move the carriage as required during assembly and disassembly to prevent contact of the carriage with the parts that canon w7250 removed. The carriage does not move when capping has been performed. Refer to the procedures in Part 5: 5.Canon W Drivers. image1 Recycle your Canon cartridge.

Recycling. Learn more about Canon's Cartridge Recycling Programme.

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Canon ยท Consumer. The imagePROGRAF W large-format 24" printer is a stunning combination of speedand high-quality that is a superb canon w7250 the full range of the most.

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