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Set volume's scratch attribute and assign the acsls display to a scratch pool. To prevent lines from wrapping, you can re-size the terminal window used for display.


Wildcards, numeric or alpha ranges, and selection lists can be used with the display command. It must match one or more characters. The underscore is positional, and represents a single character. Valid types are: cap, cell, drive, lock, LSMs, panel, pool, port, and volume. If the system detects the acsls display and displays them as a standalone library in the Library and Drive Configuration window, perform the steps described in Configuring Drives Displayed as Stand-Alone Drives. Alias : The user-defined name for the library. When a library is configured, the system automatically acsls display a storage policy. In the case of libraries with multiple LSMs, a storage policy will be created for each of the LSMs configured as a library.

Sorting is based on internal database values and may not always display in alphanumeric order. These values are only seen when a CAP's availability has changed since it was configured. Reconfigure to remove these CAPs. ACSLS sets desired state when an explicit vary operation is performed. When a drive is varied online, its desired state is online. This includes adding drives, updating drive types and serial numbers for existing drives, and deleting drives that were removed from the database. Removes acsls display locks to your current lock ID on specified drives or volumes or all active locks. You had a really wonderful site.

ACSLS Support of the SL

Repeat steps 8 to 11 to move all other associated stand-alone drives to the appropriate drive slots acsls display the library tree. Repeat steps 14 to 15 for all the drives within each LSM in the library.


If you are not sure of the drive serial number and drive ID mapping, then perform an exhaustive detection of the devices at the Library Controller level. NOTES As this process attempts to mount a media in each of the selected drives to determine the drive numbers to its correct serial number, depending on the number of acsls display selected, this operation may take several minutes to complete. NOTES :You can validate the physical drive configuration by selecting Validate, from the drive, drive pool or library level.


The Data Paths tab provides a logical acsls display of the data path used to access the devices - library, master drive pool, drive pool, drive. Post Configuration Considerations If you have multiple mail slots in the library, you must specify the CAP ID associated with the mail slot that will be used for importing and exporting media. If you have configured a library using Acsls display, it is recommended that you allocate the number of drives in the Drive Allocation Policy to the number of physical drives in the library. How would the system know what the serial number was?

License Requirements.

This selects the HLI-PRC address of the cartridge from the library management software where is one acsls display the following:. This option displays both the Internal Address and the hli Requester. The tape drives are associated with, and belong to an LSM. To mount a cartridge tape in a different LSM, the cartridge must go through an internal pass-thru operation in this case, the elevator to the drive.

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The following tables shows the internal —software—mapping viewed from looking inside the library at the tape drivesand the external —physical numbering of the drives looking outside at the rear of the Drive and Electronics Module. The SL can partition down to the drive and cell array level with enhanced partitioning. Newer SL libraries are designed for faster, more efficient enter and eject operations for acsls display centers where large and frequent vaulting activities are common. Each CAP contains three removable slot magazines. If that side is full, an empty slot acsls display the other side is selected. If the rail is full, an adjacent rail is selected.

STK Libraries Attached to ACSLS Server - configure

This strategy minimizes robotics movement and prevents contention between robots. Similarly, if ejecting.

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See "ejecting. ACSLS successfully completes ejecting all ten cartridges, but sends no success message to the client. The acsls display must verify that the request completed successfully.


After switch over, however, the client must cancel any persistent outstanding requests such as CAP operations originally submitted on the primary LAN and resubmit these acsls display through communications from the secondary LAN. As shown in the example above, the sign precedes a comment. Otherwise, dual-LAN support is not activated. This section describes the procedure for installing a second ethernet port for a multi-homed ACSLS server. acsls display

The second ethernet port provides the attachment to the second control path adapter, which controls the backup LAN.The display command is a powerful tool for reporting information from the ACSLS database. Like a SQL SELECT statement, display allows you to specify. ACSLS displays cmd_proc messages during the audit and acsls display any database changes from the audit in the Event Log. If volume statistics logging is enabled.

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