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Input Level Controls Noise Reduction Multi-effect Assigning The Effect Selecting The Effect Type Selecting The Effect Setting The Effect Volume Available Multi-effect Settings Reverb Using The Reverb Setting The Reverb Type Media Compatibility Table Audio CD Menu Both units are tascam dp 01fx hard-disk-based digital Portastudios the same tascam dp 01fx the company used for its original cassette machineseach with an internal 40 GB hard drive, easy-to-use controls, and computer connectivity via USB 2. That's just the beginning.

Tascam DP/DPFX Downloads

Although there are a few quirky elements to the design, these units are well equipped for a variety of uses tascam dp 01fx are user-friendly and inexpensive. Aside from a pronounced price difference, what sets the DPFX apart from the many other portable digital studios are its plentiful and dedicated single-function knobs and buttons see Fig. This is a welcome throwback to the time of the cassette 4-track recorder, well before the portable studio user was expected to memorize a labyrinthine-layered menu. That's not to say the DPFX doesn't use a menu system, or that there are no buttons with multiple functions; its menu layers just aren't as deep or unintuitive as those on competing devices. The buttons that do double duty are tascam dp 01fx marked with blue screen printing, and their second function is just a shift-click away.

Tascam DP-01FX Multitracker

The inputs are primarily on the front edge of the DPFX, facing the user. I say tascam dp 01fx composers, because having two inputs means that the machine isn't particularly suited to recording whole bands, multi-miked drum kits, or multiple soundcard outputs. The DP01 is, however, ideal for overdubbing, and its simple patching scheme makes building up a demo very quick indeed. Routing inputs to tracks and, in the case of the DP01FX, applying effects does require some holding of the Shift button here and there, but the learning curve is extremely short.

I can't imagine anyone having problems getting to grips with either of these machines after consulting the manual a few times. The DP01FX.

As far as audio quality is concerned, there isn't much cause for complaint. All the faders and EQ knobs work quietly and smoothly without adding any zipper noise, and the machine itself doesn't seem to degrade the audio in any noticeable way. I bounced some recorded material a number of times, just to check, and didn't detect any audible build up of noise or change in clarity. Tascam dp 01fx two inputs do get a touch noisy at their maximum gain settings, but for ordinary use they're quiet enough. Thankfully, the operating noise created by the hard drive and fan is very low too, and not at all problematic for recording at close range.

More of a threat to audio quality is the rather tascam dp 01fx metering. Although Tascam have included a Preference for changing the shape and size of the meters, they have left off any kind of scale, so it's difficult to gauge if a signal is likely to clip or not.

Tascam DP-01FX - 8-Track Desktop Hard Disk Recorder with DSP Effects Processing

No one has said anything about this product. An LCD display shows meters, editing settings and locate points. The DPFX also has a multieffects processor for tascam dp 01fx effects to an instrument during recording and a reverb processor for adding effects during a mix.


Skip to main content. Tascam dp 01fx these available items. Loading recommendations for this itemTwenty-five years after the introduction of the first Portastudio™, the new DP- 01FX 8-track Digital Portastudio makes hard disk recording affordable and simple.


Add a CD burner to our already feature-packed DPFX! Introducing the new DPFX/CD.

Now you can burn your mixed hits directly to CD or back up your.

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