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Now our data is all organized in a sequence.

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The in digicom dusb 110n case is known as a start byte. By the way, we should make sure that our data values stop at so that the start byte will always be unique.

For a computer to read this, we simply tell it to look for athen read in the next byte as a light value and the third as a temperature value. Length byte What if sometimes our node sends light and temperature, but other times it digicom dusb 110n light, temperature, and humidity? No problem. In this case we need to add a value to our protocol to indicate the length of data coming after the start byte: In the sequence above, the numbers 2 and 3 indicate the length of the data.

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So this is the digicom dusb 110n byte. Now when a computer reads the sequence, it can know without a doubt that after the start byte, it gets a number that tells it how many more data values to read in. Protocol structures like these are often described as frames, packets, or envelopes. Each of those terms means pretty much the same thing—a repeating sequence containing useful data sometimes called the pay- load packaged digicom dusb 110n information about the data sometimes called metadata. In both cases there are three pieces of data, so we also need to describe the contents of each frame. The simple thing is to add a contents byte, a number that acts as an ID for the type of data in a particular frame.

So our sequence here is start byte, length byte, ID byte, and then the data itself.

This kind digicom dusb 110n predictable format is just what computers adore! It transmits everything we need to know, in as little space as possible. As long as the sequence is Protocols www. All methods of transmitting data are subject to corruption.


Radio transmissions in particular are notoriously noisy. Static or interference of any kind could potentially introduce a stray bit into our data sequence. For example, in binary a single click of radio noise could easily turn a 21 into the number Error-correction schemes can be rather complex, but the concepts that they use are quite simple to understand. Digicom dusb 110n and Michael are having a conversation across a noisy room. Michael wants Jane to bring him a glass of wine, a napkin, and a celery stick. digicom dusb 110n


Three things! Computers use the same strategies digicom dusb 110n people do to detect problems in their communications. This particular method would digicom dusb 110n described as a checksum, meaning a sum of items used solely to check for commu- nication errors. Computer protocols often use more sophisticated arithmetic than sim- ply counting the items, but the principle of sending some frame information followed by a number that can be used to check the frame is widely employed to detect errors in everything from spacecraft communications to credit card numbers.

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For example, if Jane brings Michael a beer, a fork, and a slice of cake, those are still three things, but definitely not the correct ones. The XBee API uses the same struc- tures as our hypothetical protocol, and does so for the exact same reasons. The goal of API-mode communications is digicom dusb 110n transmit highly structured digicom dusb 110n quickly, predictably, and reliably.

We will begin by taking a look at the structures shared by all API data frames and work our way digicom dusb 110n the specifics for each frame type. Table shows the basic structure of the frame.

This is a unique number that digicom dusb 110n we are at the beginning of the data frame. In our hypothetical example above, we used decimal for this. Remember that hex is just notation: decimal and 0x7E are exactly the same number, just written down in different styles. So the first thing to do is look for a start byte of 0x7E. Once we get that, we know where we are and everything else can fall into place. The start byte is like the front cover of a book. This lets us know how long to keep reading before we stop, in effect letting us know where the back cover of the book is. Right now the second byte, listed as MSB most significant byteis usually zero and the third one, listed as LSB least significant byteusually contains the entire length. There was a problem previewing this document.


Connect more apps. Try one of the apps below to open or edit this item. Digicom wireless usb. Professional, 8DG USB DIN · 8DG Modem USB Internal · 8DTintoretto WEB USB · 8DPalladio USB ISDN · 8DPalladio ISDN  Digicom dusb 110n N.

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