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I assume Microsoft is not planning to revoke licenses any time a driver is written with an atitool digitally signed vulnerability. Various people have made comments about it being easy for Linchpin Labs to get a new certificate and release the tool again.


As the tool was written with good intentions in atitool digitally signed I would imagine that Linchpin Labs would be more than happy to address the various concerns such as not loading the MZ stub, placing the loaded drivers in the system drivers list thus ensuring that DRM applications will be able to see unsigned drivers on the systemand of course the security concern you just raised. Whether they do release a new version is up to them, though I expect that they atitool digitally signed be less keen to purchase a new certificate just to have it revoked a second time.

Are atitool digitally signed going to ban anything that resembles it, or would they consider the above changes sufficient? Vista Pwned Inc. Microsoft then proceeds to revoke the driver, and suddenly Vista Pwned Inc.

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Make up your mind, seriously. Atsiv did not try to hide what it did. Atitool digitally signed did not mislead anyone in what it did. It stated what it was trying to do clearly and concisely — allow the loading of unsigned drivers in Vista.

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It obtained a legitimate certificate on that basis. It managed to do exactly what it clearly and concisely stated it did.

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Microsoft then revoked the certificate because Atsiv did exactly what it was supposed to do, stated it was trying to do, atitool digitally signed was designed for the purpose of doing. Driver signing is a good direction for improving overall system stability as it helps Microsoft identify poorly written drivers.

However, driver signing as its stands today is not an effective means of security for several reasons. Firstly, any person or company who has gone through the process can attest to how trivial it actually is atitool digitally signed acquire a signing certificate. In fact, signing only guarantees that the code that is signed has not atitool digitally signed tampered with and is attributable to a specific entity although this in itself is a product of jurisdictional standards. According to the authors, Atsiv was born from a research project to highlight this.

You could have a machine loaded with signed malware drivers, and nothing in Vista will detect or prevent this. I think atitool digitally signed was the point the authors were trying to make as part of their research.

It is concerning because the same standard can be applied to one HELL of a lot of perfectly legitimate programs, with the deciding factor as to whether it will be or not seemingly atitool digitally signed what mood Microsoft are in. Wake up and smell the coffee, people — are you just now realizing that Microsoft is bound and determined to control all computers and allow nothing but Microsoft code to run on them — or have you already forgotten the DR-DOS "incompatibility" issue? I will not be using Verisign for anything, atitool digitally signed that they punked to MS so easily. PurplePill is an executable that has an embedded exploitable ATI driver.

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The executable extracts the vulnerable ATI driver, loads the driver then exploits it to get ring 0 shell code execution which can then be atitool digitally signed to load any unsigned driver. The Atsiv utility did exactly what it said it did and was easily identifiable.


Because it made atitool digitally signed effort to hide itself it was less likely to be used by malware which unfortunately made it easy for Microsoft to block and revoke it. PurplePill on the other hand is exactly what malware will use.

Good luck revoking the certificate for every ATI driver out there Microsoft. Once upon a time all code was equal.

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Over time a trend became apparent. First drivers could be signed, loading unsigned drivers flagged a warning. The warning became much bigger in SP2 for XP.

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Now unsigned drivers are being refused entry completely. The situation atitool digitally signed catching up in user mode code too. Executables that require UAC get a much friendly looking UAC prompt blue if they are signed, rather than orange if they are unsigned.Atitool Digitally Signed Driver. Author Write something about yourself.


Atitool digitally signed Facebook Google Twitter. Can someone please reply as to how to get this to. I am trying to install and run ATI TOOL on Vista is not supported under bit Vista and above, as it is not digitally signed by Microsoft.

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