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May 15, Cable adapter allowed connection to serial [45]. December 16, April 1, LocalTalk option [48]. Cyber Monday apple laserwriter ntr Tech bargains that truly save you The 5 Mac games you need to play from June and July Apple printer parts, assorted or unidentified printer This section lists various Apple printer parts I obtained from a repair facility. Also wait for the printer to cool down completely, the surface temperatures are byond funny. And there may be residual high voltage at some parts.

Exchanging the toner cartridge is the easiest way to get rid apple laserwriter ntr a lot of dirt. The powder is toxic and dangerous when floating in the air. Apple derived its apple laserwriter ntr dot matrix printer, seen here, from a model made by C. Itoh Enterprises. Order qualifies for free standard shipping! No sales tax No sales tax except for Florida. Apple Inc.

October 12, Retrieved August 20, Inside Apple. BYTE Magazine. Laser Toner Cartridge. Tried different cords, outlets, etc.


I thought maybe it's a bad switch, but moe's power supply diagnosis sounds plausible. If necessary where can I find a suitable replacement logic board?

This has been known to cause problems in PCs. Is the same true of Macs?

Personal LaserWriter NTR:Technical Specifications

Schools are giving 52xx machines away on a weekly basis. The printer still doesn't work right. Whenever I try to format the hard drive with the zero all data option I get a message that initialization failed. It will not turn on every time. I had it to apple laserwriter ntr repair person adn they replaced the sensor I also checked the cord and plugged it into a dedicated electric supply. I get a quick blip of the green light and that is it.

A look back at Apple's printers Macworld

I agree, the LCII is a piece of crap. Fortunately I was given mine for free, and I am in the progress of upgrading it. Probably Steve Jobs wanted a fast printer that could be apple laserwriter ntr at the same time as the NeXT laser printer which had its own proprietary high-speed serial interface, but only one porthence the SCSI. I imagine SCSI would print quite apple laserwriter ntr bit faster than through the serial port though, assuming you had working drivers. It proved expensive and relatively unpopular.


During the mids, Apple released apple laserwriter ntr number of Color StyleWriter printers that were simply rebadged members of the HP DeskJet series, like the Color StyleWriter shown here ironically, in black-and-white. There are a couple of paper sensors that could be stuck. Apple laserwriter ntr of them is inside the printer. Take the cartridge out and it's behind the 2 rubber rollers at the front.

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  • A look back at Apple's printers
  • Personal LaserWriter NTR:Technical Specifications

Wiggle the thin black plastic arm and make sure it moves freely. Ran off a couple print jobs and shut it down. So it's like "wheel of fortune" with this thing.The Personal LaserWriter NTR was a networkable 4-page-per-minute Postscript laser printer designed to work with PCs (via parallel port) as well as Macs. Apple has produced several apple laserwriter ntr of printers in its history, but no longer produces or supports these devices today. Though some early products use thermal technology, Apple's products can be broadly divided into three lines: ImageWriter (dot matrix), LaserWriter (PostScript laser), and StyleWriter (thermal inkjet).

Personal LaserWriter NTR, PostScript.

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